Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Today we finally made it out to Whiteface for some skiing and snowboarding. It was Carrie's first attempt at snowboarding, so she, Angela and Amy took some lessons and seemed to have a great time! The weather has been cold all day, around 20-25, and constant snow this morning. We woke up to about 5 inches of fresh snow, which of course meant we had to dig the car out so we could go.

The girls did a great job in their lesson, once something clicked with Angela she seemed to be able to do it pretty well and was then able to give Carrie and Amy some pointers that their instructor forgot to point out which seemed to help them a great deal. I have to say, I got quite the entertainment out of going on a run with Carrie and Angela and the interesting rituals snowboarders have, for example, after they would fall, they would each grab a handful of snow and eat it before starting their next 20 yard decent to find more snow to eat. This was the first time I was able to ski on my brand new skis I got for Christmas and they were wonderful!!! Truly a great Christmas present to go along with the boots I got last year.

After we hobbled back from the mountain with all of their sore muscles and took the shuttle back to Lake Placid, we sat around the cabin for a little bit before heading out to some First Night festivities in Saranac Lake. When we got there we discovered to go inside and hear any of the concerts going on you had to purchase a button for 10 bucks and since it was already after 10 we thought it would be pointless so we headed back to Lake Placid to get a pizza from our favorite place, Mr Mike's. Just before midnight we headed back to Saranac Lake and saw them drop the snow flake and enjoyed a fireworks display that seemed to go on forever. Even though they lasted only 20 mins, when the temperatures are in the lower 20's without the windchill, it's long!

Later I'll get Carrie to blog a little about her experience snowboarding, but for now, we are worn out! Happy New Years!