Cross Country Skiing!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Well, this morning started off nice and relaxing. We took the morning to sleep in and get some much needed rest. However, we had decided that this afternoon we would go cross country skiing. By the time we all got together and got all our equipment it had started getting later in the afternoon, so we decided to go to a baseball field close by to do our cross country skiing. Our first lesson began at the cabin. We figured it would be a good idea to begin close by, since Amy and I had never cross country skied before. Let's just say it was an experience!! After we all bundled up nice and warm, we went outside to learn how to even put on the skis. Christopher and Angela were very patient with Amy and I as we learned how to put on the skis. Once we got the skis on, the next thing was to learn how to move in the skis. Lets just say that my first move resulted in me falling backwards on my behind! Therefore, the next lesson was on how to get up off the ground after falling. Let's just say it took a while for me to get up, however by the end of the day i was a pro! :) Once i was up on my feet again we tried again, but we quickly learned that the yard was not as flat as we thought, and before i knew it I was on the ground again because i was afraid i was about to go down a small hill into the woods. We then decided maybe it was a good idea to go ahead over to baseball field to do some skiing.

When we got over to the field, i was impressed because i was immediately able to put on my skis. I had passed the first test! :) We began to venture out around the field. Christopher went out and laid tracks for us around the field so it would be easier for us to ski. While he was doing this, his dad gave us more lessons on how to move on the skis.

We made several rounds around the field. It was a lot of fun, but it sure was a workout! Let's just say, i got hot, even though we were in freezing temperatures. We then decided to go down a small hill that Angela had already ventured out on before us. I first watched Angela and Christopher go down the hill, and then decided to join them. Going up the hill was an adventure, and of course, i fell down. But when i got up there, i felt ready to go. However, little did i realize, that i had never asked how to stop when going down the hill. So here i go, flying down this small hill, with no way of knowing how to stop. I yelled to Christopher what should i do, and he responded "STOP!" Too bad, i didn't know how! Therefore, i did the only thing i knew to do, fall on my behind!! It was an adventure, that left me laughing so hard, i had tears falling down my face!! To say the least, cross country skiing was definitely an adventure, but it sure was fun!!

When we got back to the cabin, we were about to go in when Christopher spotted a sled outside our door. We quickly decided to have some more fun in the snow since we were already dressed for it! Angela, Christopher and I did some sledding, while Amy photographed the comedic scene! We had a blast, especially between Christopher sledding into a tree and Angela getting stuck between two trees!! And of course, there was a good old fashion snow fight, which resulted in Christopher throwing FREEZING snow in my face!!! To say the least, it was a great, but tiring day!!

This evening, we were suppose to go to a ski jumping competition, however, when we got there, nobody was there. So, we decided to go to a scrimmage game of women hockey players who are trying out for the Women's USA Olympic hockey team!! We had a lot of fun! The game went into overtime and then ended in a shoot out! It was a great game!!

Today has definitely been a very exciting and fun day!! We had a lot of fun doing a bunch of different things. However, I'm sure tomorrow is going to be even crazier. The girls are going to take snow boarding lessons, while the guys go down hill skiing. I can't wait!