Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Well, it's been a while since we've written. Let's just say we've been busy in the snow!! We have received lots and lots of snow! Yesterday we were suppose to go Cross Country Skiing, however, when we got out on the roads, we quickly discovered that the roads had not yet been cleared, therefore, we went right back to the cabin. Instead, we spent a the morning working out in the snow. We had lots of fun out in the snow! We knocked down some huge snow mounds and made snow angels in the thick snow! Christopher made a Polar Hut out one of the snow mounds!

That night we had dinner with Chris' great aunt and uncle and had Christmas!

Today, we got up ready to spend another day out on the slopes! As we got ready to leave, we watched the temperature continually drop outside. By the time we made it to the slopes, the temperature was between 6-8 degrees, with a windchill of around -15. To say the least it was cold!! I decided to join Chris in trying down hill skiing. Angela has mastered snowboarding, so she continued snowboarding. We got out on the slopes and immediately realized how cold it really was outside! We were only able to go down a few times before we had to come in a get warm before going back outside again. I've decided I enjoy skiing much better than snowboarding. Unlike the other day, I only fell down twice. When I was snowboarding i fell down twice every 30 seconds. Christopher was very patient in teaching me how to ski. I was able to successfully go down several slopes without ever falling!! Christopher really seems to be enjoying his new skis!! Angela is doing an amazing job on the snowboard!!

On our way home, Chris' dad looked down at the temperature and the thermometer read 1 degree. The temperature is continually dropping!! Right now, the temperature is -9. I'm pretty sure, i will not be complaining quite as much about the temperature in North Carolina anymore!! We are all pretty tired and worn out from a very cold and exciting day!! Tomorrow we plan on driving to Montreal, Canada!! I am very excited, because i've never been to Canada before!! I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds!!

P.S. We are still popping Ibuprofen!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm envious in that you are skiing and playing in the snow, but your weather reports make Greenville, NC seem balmy! (Our high today was 38 and tomorrow it will be about 35 or 36.) Enjoy yourselves, stay safe, and keep the pictures coming -- they're great!

AC @ Joyner

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys are having fun!!! Bring some snow to leave in VA on your way home!