Gingerbread Houses

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Terence and Aubrie came over Saturday night for dinner, haircuts and to decorate gingerbread houses!  The houses always look so good on the box and the directions are so simple, but they never turn out that well! Anyways, while Aubrie cut Carrie's hair, Terence and I played with our cameras.  Terence has a Nikon and I have a Canon so we enjoyed sharing what we liked and the different settings of everything.  We really did have a great time hanging out and attempting to decorate our wonderful gingerbread houses.  They may not have turned out the best but they were fun to do!

Me and Carrie's

Terence and Aubrie had a village, this is one hut

Carrie was very proud of her tree!


Catherine said...

Aw! I am totally jealous of the haircut & gingerbread night. They look awesome (both) by the way! And the hair!