Christmas Decorating

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We spent a good part of Sunday decorating our house for Christmas and what a joy that way! Earlier last week, Carrie said to me, "Don't worry, we won't need to buy any more decorations, we have them all from last year." Can you say Famous Last Words?

First we needed a Christmas Tree, which I didn't argue with that, I love live Christmas Tree's and well you have to buy one of those every year unless you own a farm...hmmmmm, wonder what the neighborhood association would say about me starting a Christmas Tree farm in the big field out front....

We then discovered we must have thrown out the garland because it was no where to be found.  Not to mention we have a bigger house now and more area we can hang it.  We also have a fake tree in our foyer, and well that needs white lights. Oh, and of course we now have Gracie on the way, and little Tuffy and both of them needed stockings, which meant they both needed stocking holders because last year there was only two of us, and now there's four.  Luckily we found stocking holders that matched the ones we bought 2 years ago so that was a big relief!

Last year we couldn't use a wreath with the way our apartment was set up, however this year we have this ideal spot to hang one.  And you can't forget the centerpiece for the table either!

Yes, we did spend more money then we thought we were going to have to, but our house looks pretty darn good if you ask me! Just have to finish my State Tree in the State room, and set up the snow village and we'll be all set.  I'll try to post some pictures tonight!