Gracie's Room Part 3

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tonight we finally put Gracie's crib together tonight! It was a lot easier then I expected to be honest, and of course Tuffy thought he could help out as well.  The hardest part was getting the crib from the car upstairs by myself.  Carrie was a big help in getting Tuffy out of the way so I wouldn't trip over him.  He has a tendency to get under our feet, especially on the steps, so her keeping a hold on him was huge!

Are you ready for some pictures? I know you are! We'll start the beginning....

Priming back on Oct. 10th

Starting to paint the room pink on Nov 16th
We have a pink room!
"Daddy let me help!"

"Daddy, Mommy is taking a picture, look up!"

"Daddy, why are you so tired? Let's play!"
Now, we need to get a mattress, so we can put her bed stuff on! We also have her dresser and changing table that is down stairs, tomorrow Carrie's dad is going to help me move them upstairs so we can start decorating and really get ready!


Anonymous said...

Looks good- did you know that you can usually out the crib mattress up higher at first then move it down into the lower position once she is moving? If your crib can do that you should cause it will be hard for Carrie to lean all the way into the crib to get her in and out in the beginning (her back will hurt). OKie dokie- well get back to work- we want to see the finished product;)....

Chris and Carrie said...

I found that out when I was reading the instructions, and while I'm in the middle of doing it, Carrie comes in and says, "Make sure you have it all the way up."

Catherine said...

I know your wife is glad the month-long project is complete;)

We are also crib-ready but sans-mattress.